Sound ok, video black window only

  • Henrik Niehaus

    Henrik Niehaus - 2008-05-11


    after struggling with configure[1] I finally got the Player example to run. It seems to work (sound is ok) except for the video rendering. I get the following output:

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/sun-jdk-" java -cp lib/libxine.jar:build Player /mnt/daten/movies/Monster\ AG\ -\ Mike\'s\ neues\ Auto.avi

    libxine-java video player!
    locking error on Drawing Surface
    xineJ_open, backend 2397378496
    Main Thread thread -1210037360
    xineJ_set_component_bounds. corrected size (276, 207), pos (22, 29)
    vis 2397614104
    send_expose_event -- not ready yet
    view key listener java.awt.event.KeyEvent[KEY_PRESSED,keyCode=81,keyText=Q,keyChar='q',keyLocation=KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD] on canvas0

    The locking error could be the problem. Don't know. Maybe you can help me.


    [1] configure couldn't find libjawt on my system. So I had to set the command line attribute --with-jni-lib-flags. configure tells you to set it, but actually it has to be --with-jni-lib. After that configure was successful

    • Matthias Ringwald

      Hi Henrik

      did you contact me by email? sorry, I just realized that there is a libxine-java forum.
      But... I've subscribed to it now.

      (Main Developer... :)


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