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A word of warning in regard to the openegg2 control device circuit design: Today I found my openegg2 unit smoked. So far I can tell the L5973 and the GSM modem are both fried. I do not know what exaclty the cause could be, but obviously the design has a flaw. Luckily a 3 Amp fuse blowed up and nothing else happen beside a bit of smell.

So you have been warned. This design and any other might burn up your car, your house, cause material and personal loss etc, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !

Posted by Manuel Jander 2014-12-27

Schematics of Hardware


some of you seem to have realized that there is also hardware involved in this collection of software programs. I was not sure what to do. I spent lots of hours, if not years to design these machines. But in the end I do not believe that any of these designs will make me rich. Maybe someone else knows ? Anyway, its all in GIT under schematics now. Use at your own risk. Fuel burning heater devices are dangerous and can kill you or cause great material loss. Please be careful.... read more

Posted by Manuel Jander 2014-11-13 Labels: hardware

CVS up and running again !

CVS is working again. Thanks a lot to the SourceForge Team !!

For those who don't know, somebody messed with the SF servers, causing the admins a lot of time consuming work.

For those paranoids among us, I could not find any modification against my local copies of the CVS repository.

Posted by Manuel Jander 2011-02-15


Hi there,

a bit update of what seems to work.

do work:
- multithreading kernel.
- W-Bus communication (everything except CO2 calibration, which just does nothing for now)
- heater state sequencer.
- sensor reading.
- actuators: dosing pump, circulation pump, ventilation relay, and glow plugs.
- compressor pressure measurement.
- PID controller for nozzle compressor.
- flame detector
- sensor range watchdog.
- heater state sequence editor
- error logging
- command refreshing... read more

Posted by Manuel Jander 2010-05-04

Heater controller

Hi there,

the heater controller is making progress. A brief list of the item that:

do work:
- Multithreading kernel.
- W-Bus communication (everything except CO2 calibration, which just does nothing for now)
- Heater state sequencer.
- Sensor reading.
- Actuators: dosing pump, circulation pump, ventilation relay, and glow plugs.

do not work or aren't fully tested:
- PID controller for combustion fan and nozzle compressor.
- combustion fan back EMF measurement.
- compressor pressure measurement.
- heating energy measurement.
- flame detector algorithm (Seebeck voltage measurement seems to work, and octave simulation also works).
- log compressor data some how over W-Bus.
- sensor out of range watchdog.... read more

Posted by Manuel Jander 2009-11-15

Simulator improvements

The simulator was upgraded and is capable of simulating a Heater device sufficiently well enough to be monitored using the Data Top (tm) Software from Webasto (tm).

CO2 calibration command are working now as well.


Posted by Manuel Jander 2009-06-28

W-Bus host support and simulator

Hi there,

W-Bus host (server) support was integrated into the current libwbus. Also a tiny barebone simulator was added, which basically simulates a heater device. Very few command are supported currently, but its enough to keep the controller clock happy. Adding neew commands should be quite easy.


Posted by Manuel Jander 2008-08-11

GSM remote control

GSM remote control functionality added. Parses incoming calls and +CLIP callerID strings. Basic allowed number list handling. Take a look at the CVS repository.

This is growing out beyond its original scope :p

Have Fun!

Posted by Manuel Jander 2008-02-12

MSP430 port news

The MSP430 build, currently targeted at the MSP430STK2 board from Olimex (tm) does work so far
that the initialization and identification of a Webasto Thermo Top V heater works successfully. Controlling action where not tested due to the lack of a fuel connection :)

Stay tuned :D (well, maybe there is really somebody reading this).

Posted by Manuel Jander 2007-12-29

Added more W-Bus commands

Added W-Bus commands:
* List error codes
* Delete error codes
* Subsystem tests
* Sensor scan
* Turn heater off/on


Posted by Manuel Jander 2007-11-26

First drop in CVS

Hi everybody.

Inside the CVS module libwbus you will find a initial version of the "libwbus" among a small command line utility that allows interacting with Webasto (tm) car heater. Until now it supports reading the device identification data. More functionality will be added as soon as it gets ready.

Testers are gladly welcome ! But be aware, that if something goes wrong with your car heater, its your own fault. Use at your own risk. You have been warned. I must do this statement, because no probability is zero (the probability of burning down your car for example), its just very small... hopefuly.... read more

Posted by Manuel Jander 2007-11-25