#10 x11vnc: no display


Using RH 9.0 with configure --prefix=/usr I get a black
screen when I use a vnc client. Odd thing is, that I
can click and such, and it does happen on the remote
machine, it just doesn't display.


  • Johannes Schindelin

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    I need more details to fix that bug! First: Did you start
    x11vnc on the same machine as the X11 is running? Did you
    try with "-noshm"? What is the output of x11vnc? What viewer
    are you using?

  • Johannes Schindelin

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dscho
  • Scott Atkins

    Scott Atkins - 2004-07-28

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    Okay, so here it is.

    After my first report of this bug I couldn't repeat it, and
    I was really scratching my head. Then yesterday I was able
    to re-create it. It seems if you have x11vnc running and
    are in a virtual terminal (you know hitting ctrl-alt-f3 or
    such, personally where I typically run x11vnc) the screen is
    completely blank. Yes mouse clicks and such will still take
    place, but you can't see anything.

    Now this may be a bug that is not possible to be fixed, but
    it still is a bug. If nothing else, documentation needs to
    be added about this.

  • Johannes Schindelin

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    So it is not a bug, but rather a feature: if XFree86 is not
    visible, it does not update the graphics. Sounds reasonable
    to me.

    I'll ask Karl to include it in the FAQ, though, as it might
    seem unexpected to a user.

  • Johannes Schindelin

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  • Karl J. Runge

    Karl J. Runge - 2004-07-29

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    Hi, I actually discussed this already in my FAQ:


    I just tweaked the wording to make it a little easier to find.
    It is also discussed here:


    I was hoping ShadowFB would provide a workaround (since it is
    not too slow on todays h/w), but it doesn't.

    So IMHO this isn't so much a x11vnc bug as an RFE for the
    XFree86 X server (or even Linux kernel). I may be wrong,
    but I don't think it can be fixed with changes to x11vnc

    Dscho: Could we perhaps have a link to my page


    (or the #FAQ sub link) somewhat easy to get to from
    libvncserver sf.net? I guess google gets most people there,
    but might want to make it clear that's where the main
    documentation for x11vnc is.



  • Scott Atkins

    Scott Atkins - 2004-08-03

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    What's that old saying? The difference between a bug and a
    feature is documentation? Granted it was in there, but
    shouldn't this "feature" be included in the ReadMe so that
    it is painfully obvious when someone hasn't RTFM? (As of
    version 0.6.1 the readme was for libvncserver.)

    It just seemed to me, since you had to list the display
    number, it would export that display (regardless of the fact
    of visibility on the computer in question.) Since this is a
    console based app, there was no reason, (as far as I could
    tell) to run it in the current display.

    This hits upon an interesting point, and one I'd like to
    persue a little more (atleast for gnome2.) Perhaps an
    applet can be added, so that:
    1.) configuration is easy (checkboxes and such)
    2.) The display varible is always the current display
    3.) To the user, the idea shifts from a server to an
    application that requires an active display

    Now personally I've been meaning to learn how to write
    applets for gnome2, and this might be a good starting point.
    I'm going to see what I can do in the next couple of weeks,
    but I'd like to know, if I do this and actually create this
    x11vnc applet, is it something you'd like to include in
    x11vnc or is it purely and exercise for me?


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