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Libvlc.Net home page

We have our new home page. Quick start also available.

Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2012-01-30


I looked into Windows.Forms control and since no one touched that module a lot of time it looks messy. I don't use it in my project myself. I'm going to refactor it.
Also I decided to remove base assembly from solution and move all base classes it has to implementation library. Because we won't support anything other than VLC it is not necessary anymore.
More serious changes are coming soon ...

Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-11-26

Moving to Git

Since I use Git for almost all of my projects I'd like to move this project to Git repository.


Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-10-31

Mono support and MacOS sample

Mono support is getting closer. I've added 'mac-player' directory with sample for MacOS. In order to compile and run that thing you should install the mono runtime and use nant tool. Just take a look into draft version in repository (rev 108) ... I also need to test that code in Windows again.

Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-10-30

VLC 1.1.1

Good news! libvlc 1.1.1 support is available from svn. See revision 106. We going to test it before releasing.


Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-07-23

For people who would like to help

There are many people who contact me using Sourceforge's Send Message feature. I'm receiving their messages but I can't answer to some of them using this feature (frankly I don't know why - there are some of delivery failures).

So it is better to use tracker for bugs or contact me directly by email. My email is zaripov{dot}rinat[at]


Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-07-06

VLC 1.0.x and 1.1

Because VLC 1.0.5 is not supported anymore I won't release for it. I'm going to port to VLC 1.1 version. If someone needs 1.0.5 support one can use 103 revision of from project svn.

Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-06-21

VLC 1.0.5 support

Last version in svn is much more stable and works with 1.0.5. Now I'm going to test it and create a bunch of examples.

Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-06-09

Announcing VLC 1.0.5 support

I'm glad to announce that we are not dead).

This project is still alpha and there are much time passed since last release. We decided to continue development of the library. First we going to migrate to new version of libvlc (v.1.0.5).


Posted by Rinat Zaripov 2010-03-25

First alpha version released

Today the first public version of library has been released. Library provides basic functionality to play a movies and music files. If you looking for a simple solution to implement features like playing mediafiles, transcoding into another formats or network streaming, it may be useful for you. Library includes .NET interop code, abstract classes, Windows Forms user controls and sample player written using Windows Forms.... read more

Posted by Igor Kostromin 2009-04-21

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