Does this support save/convert?

  • Rickey Ward

    Rickey Ward - 2010-10-17

    In VLC player you can convert any stream into another stream, for example you can ever rip a dvd on the fly and encode it into an mp4. Is this possible with

  • Rinat Zaripov

    Rinat Zaripov - 2010-10-23

    Yep. It should be possible. Igor added that functionality in first release. You can use PlayerOutput.Files.Add for that.

  • Richard Teel

    Richard Teel - 2011-01-02


    I have been attempting to record a network stream and am having issues so either I am doing something wrong or it is not supported.

    Using libvlcnet-

    Sample code from

    Fails on Play go to the window object being null in the following line of the Play method.

    string uri = "mms://";
    DZ.MediaPlayer.Io.MediaInput mediaInput = new DZ.MediaPlayer.Io.MediaInput(MediaInputType.NetworkStream, uri);
    OutFile outfile = new OutFile("D:\\record.mp4");
  • Richard Teel

    Richard Teel - 2011-01-02


    - Input-output MRLs generation and test it for network streaming and device capturing, transcoding

    BTW: It is creating a 4 byte file when trying to record.


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