Control the audio channel / track by libvlc?

  • thuyan1990

    thuyan1990 - 2010-09-26

    i have write(using a small karaoke system which can play .mpeg, .AVI, .VOB 1 format video file by using libvlc. but currently i'm facing a problem which i cant control the audio channel / track in the music video. Is that any methods or ways to allow me to control the audio channel (play only backing music or vocal or both) by using libvlc (in
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  • Rinat Zaripov

    Rinat Zaripov - 2010-10-13

    This is not supported right now. You always can add that functionality to library using interop code. Probably you can control that using mrl. You should consult vlc forums about mrls, or try "vlc -help". If you want to control channel on the fly I think you should look to functions like libvlc_video_set_track, libvlc_video_get_track, libvlc_audio_get_track or libvlc_audio_set_track.


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