2009/11/30 Francesco <francesco.montorsi@gmail.com>
do you mean the backend stored here:
Unfortunately there's no activity there since 2 years and AFAIK it's
not included in the libusb releases... (in fact the libusb-win32
forums contain lots of people asking for 64bit support AFAIK).

OK, I have to admit that I probably didn't look hard enough because I wasn't aware of this port before I started coding.

But I guess that's because libsub-win32 is a separate project from libusb, and the aim of this new Windows implementation should be to do whatever it takes to conform and be integrated to mainstream libusb, as well as provide full Windows 64 bit support (but I don't see it as much of an issue for 64 bit until we try to implement a driver part, as MinGW-w64 seems to be fairly stable and almost 100%  compatible with MinGW-w32)

I do like the separation of HID, WinUSB and driver implementations that libusb-win32 1.0 has though, although I plan to concentrate on WinUSB for now. I'll try to factor in some abstraction in the source when using WinUSB so that HID and driver can be easily added later.

Still need to code some more (and have a closer look at the libusb-win32 1.0 source) before I get a better picture of how we can unfold this whole thing...