libusb-win32 version released

libusb-win32 project is proud to release the latest version.

Please go to libusb-win32 project page at Sourceforge to download this latest release.

If you have any comments about this release, please post to the libusb-win32-devel mailing list.

libUsb-win32 Change Log (compare to previous release):

V1.1.14.0 (06/01/2010)

* Updated logging functions and standardized log message display format.

  • Updated inf-wizard to use the new directory format for the libusb-win32 binaries.

  • Updated package directories to reflect the winddk BUILDARCH environment variable.
    (i64 := ia64, x64 := amd64)

  • Added request to get the current configuration in usb_open().

  • Fixed 2960644 (reported by farthen) crash on shutdown with x64 based systems while using inf files for each libusb device.

  • Added additional log message only included in debug/chk builds.

  • Updated default log levels to highest verbose level for debug builds.

  • Added test signing support to the libusb-win32 make.cmd. This allows libusb0.sys and libusb0.dll to be signed with a digital signature.
    (see make.cmd for more details)

  • Added MSVC 2008 project files

  • Moved version defines to an include file (libusb_version.h)
    This file is generated from with "make.cmd makever"

  • Removed all "dist" commands from cygwin/mingw makefile. Instead use "make.cmd" in the "ddk_make" directory.

  • Fixed filter setup not running in 64bit mode

  • Fixed 64bit inf-wizard, testlibusb-win builds

  • Added set initial config value #1 when the driver is not a filter.
    optionally, the initial configuration value can be specified in the inf
    file: HKR,,"InitialConfigValue",0x00010001,<your config value>

  • Added support for querying device registry keys

  • Added support for querying device properties

  • Fixed possible race condition in kernel add_device()

  • Updated default ddk build version number to to facilitate
    Microsoft WHQL submission.

  • Added DDK build distribution system. Official libusb-win32 releases
    (after are built using Microsoft's WinDDK. (see make.cmd)

  • Fixed 2658937 (reported by Tim Roberts) that the libusb-win32 driver always acts as a power policy owner.

Posted by Xiaofan Chen 2010-06-01