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np_trancevibe v0.2 released!

The Max/MSP and Puredata patch for the trancevibe has been released! This is my first shot at supporting every platform available through flext, and it has met with some success. Windows and Linux should work perfectly (though linux requires you run with sudo). Mac is a complete crap shoot. I don't have a valid Max license at the moment, and Pd is horridly unstable on any of my Macs. So, good luck if you're going that route.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-19

RezTunes v1.1 Released!

RezTunes v1.1 is out!

And there's not much different about it!

I just ported it over to libtrancevibe, compiled it for windows as well as mac, and cleaned a few things up in the original code so it's compile on windows. If you have the mac version 1.0 going, there's not even a reason to upgrade, as there's no functional different whatsoever.

But, there ya go.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-19

RezTunes v1.0 Rereleased!

Got some email from someone saying they'd tried Bryn Davies' RezTunes iTunes Plugin and it didn't work. I fixed the Xcode file and made a packager for it, and put it on here. It's not using libtrancevibe quite yet, but I'll hopefully have v1.1 out with libtv support and windows binaries here in a few days. Just wanted to get the old version out first.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-02-27

Version 0.1 Released!

Version 0.1 of libtrancevibe has been released! This includes the base library and an example program that should work on any platform that libusb is available for.

Version 0.2 will have python bindings, as well as... other features that I'm sure I'll figure out soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-01-10

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