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Project update

Sh is a predecessor to the RapidMind Multi-core Development Platform, metaprogramming language for programmable GPUs. It is the result of research at the University of Waterloo Computer Graphics Lab.

In August 2009, RapidMind became a part of Intel Corporation, the leader in software development tools for software parallelism and performance. RapidMind technology will be integrated in Intel software products and technologies, including the Intel Ct technology for data parallelism.... read more

Posted by Stefanus Du Toit 2010-02-24

Second release candidate for Sh 0.8.0

The second release candidate for Sh 0.8.0 is now available from the usual place:

It fixes most issues related to 64-bit operating systems, ATI GPUs, Visual Studio 2005 and OS X.

If you encounter any other problems with this release, please contact us through our mailing list:

See the Sh Wiki for the complete list of changes in this release:

Posted by Francois Marier 2006-02-16

First release candidate for Sh 0.8.0

The first release candidate for the upcoming Sh 0.8 is out! The goal of the 0.8 release is to be feature-complete and to commit to a stable ABI.

New features include:
- support for generic input binding on the arb and glsl backends
- support for the ATI draw buffers extension on the glsl backend
- Andrew Lauritzen's optimizations for uniform update methods... read more

Posted by Francois Marier 2005-11-09

Sh gets a Wiki!

Feel free to share your tips, code samples and ask questions to the Sh community. Right now we are in the process of migrating most of our documentation (FAQ, build instructions, book errata, etc.) to this collaborative editing tool, but you are more than welcome to suggest new sections and share your ideas with us.

We recommend that you create an account on the Wiki before contributing to or editing any page, but unrestricted anonymous access is also available (at least until ShWiki gets too much spam!). ... read more

Posted by Francois Marier 2005-09-20

Sh 0.7.9 Released

Version 0.7.9 is now available from the Download page ( It now includes mipmapping for textures and a lot of bug fixes and spec compliance work.

Shrike 0.7.9 and shmedia 0.7.9 are also available from the same page.

Binaries and a Xcode framework are now available for OSX.

Posted by Francois Marier 2005-08-01

Sh 0.7.8 Released

Sh Version 0.7.8 is out. You can get it from the Downloads page ( Aside from a few extra library functions and some OSX, Windows and ATI fixes, it includes an entirely new backend infrastructure to become closer to the Sh specification as published in Metaprogramming GPUs with Sh.

Version 0.7.8 of our shader testing and demo framework Shrike has also been released. All shaders are now working on Windows and Linux. Please note that you should also get Shmedia 0.7.8 in order to have all the textures necessary for Shrike shaders. ... read more

Posted by Stefanus Du Toit 2005-06-16

Initial Public Sh Release

The Sh GPU Metaprogramming Language has made its first release of the libsh implementation and the sm GPU simulator available.

This language allows you to write shaders for programmable GPUs (found on recent graphics cards) and has several unique features. Most interestingly the compiler is implemented as a C++ library and the language itself piggybacks off of the C++ compiler. This has various advantages.... read more

Posted by Stefanus Du Toit 2003-07-24

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