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Patches that are not yet processed will have Status "Open", Resolution "None".
Patches that are applied in CVS will have Status "Closed", Resolution "Accepted".

Patches that are invalid or broken will be set Status "Pending" and Resolution "Invalid", with an explanation of why the patch could not be applied.
Patches that are duplicates will be set Status "Pending", Resolution "Duplicate", with a reference to the patch they duplicate.
Patches that are not accepted will be set Status "Pending", Resolution "Rejected", with an explanation why they are rejected.
All patches with Status "Pending" will be automatically set Status "Deleted" after 14 days unless the originator responds to challenge that the patch was incorrectly rejected as "Invalid", "Duplicate", or "Rejected".

Note: All patch submissions and changes are sent to the librsync-commits list so developers can track and discuss them.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
11 performance issue resolution for large files None open 2012-09-24 2014-10-10 7  
10 Add an example to the rdiff(1) man page None open 2009-11-21 2014-08-22 5  
9 librsync 0.9.7 as windows dll None open 2009-10-07 2009-10-07 5  
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