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0.1.5 release delayed

0.1.4 was released a couple weeks ago, and completed the port from ROX-Lib2 of all functionality except drag-and-drop (DND) support.

0.1.5 is to add DND support. However, currently gtk2-perl does not have a typenum for GtkSelectionTarget, which breaks several methods necessary for the DND support librox-perl hopes to implement. Fortunately, gtk2-perl is quickly heading to 1.0 status, so this should be corrected shortly. However, I will be unable to continue developing librox-perl per the roadmap until then.

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-30

0.1.3 released!

0.1.3 has been released. OptionsBox support has now been completely tested and debugged, and all widgets from ROX-Lib2 have been implemented, with minor differences.

Nested sections do not nest; all sections are displayed as notebook tabs on the master GtkNotebook for the dialog. ColourButtons don't display the colour on the button, as I've been having difficulty implementing this.

All other features work, and the documentation has been updated. Start playing with this -- it's a powerful feature of librox-perl.

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-15

0.1.2 released - OptionsBox now implemented!

librox-perl 0.1.2 was released this evening; ROX::OptionsBox is now implemented!

OptionsBox is still in its infancy; I have yet to test most of the widgets, both for displaying and updating options. However, the dialog creates itself and displays nicely, and most, but not all, entry widgets at least display. The textentry widgets (<Entry>) work at this time for updating. I have opted for notebook tabs instead of ROX-Lib2's more complicated ScrollWindow/TreeView combination as it is (1) easier to implement, and (2) fairly user friendly as-is.... read more

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-13

First Release!

I've decided to release 0.1.1, a developer's version, of librox-perl. It has also been tagged in CVS as 'librox-perl-0-1-1'.

It is pre-alpha software at this point as not everything works, but it *IS* possible to create applets and AppDir applications using the library. Such applications can:

* Grab options either via the XDG_(CONFIG|DATA)_DIR environment (using defaults, if not found; see ROX::Basename for more details) or the CHOICESPATH environment (see ROX::Option and ROX::OptionGroup for more details).
* Create Applets with context menus (see ROX::Applet and ROX::Menu::Popup)
* Create menubars for application windows (see ROX::Menu)
* Create a variety of GTK2 info, dialog, and alert windows with one-step commands (see
* Open ROX-Filer windows and highlight files in them (see ROX::Filer)
* Add I18N support to your application (see ROX::I18N)
* Add MIME support to your application (useful for examining files for compatability with your application; see ROX::MIME)... read more

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-08

Choices and Options systems now working

I've completed debugging:


They now work well for loading, adding, and saving options using the Choices system and a simple XML format.

With this in place, I can turn to ROX::OptionsBox and ROX::Save*. Any help debugging these would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-06

Applet and XDG Config modules working!

I've been testing and coding furiously, and can now say the following modules are working:

ROX::Menu::Popup (new!)

ROX::Applet creates a GtkPlug, and extends it very slightly so that it will quit when destroyed, and accept mouse click events. When I did the latter, I also changed ROX slightly so that ROX->Window created Gtk2 windows also accept mouse click events; this allows you to check for mouse events, and connect them to routines. Think "popup menus", and you'll get the idea.... read more

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-08-03

CVS now uploaded!

I have now made files available via CVS. Currently, all modules are complete EXCEPT:

* ROX::Save
* ROX::Save::*

However, many modules remain untested; for anyone willing to give it all a try, I'd greatly welcome feedback and/or patches.

Read the Help/INSTALL.pod for installation instructions and dependencies.

Posted by Matthew Weier O'Phinney 2003-07-29

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