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Version 1.2 out

This has actually been out for ages, but I forgot to make an announcement!

The main change for this version is that it no longer depends on search.h, which is not available under MAC OS X.

In addition there have a few minor bug fixes. There should be little danger in upgrading.

Posted by Damian Ivereigh 2002-07-17

Release 1.1.0 out

Some fairly major fixups that provide two new
API's for reading the tree. Also finally ditched
sbrk()! No bug fixes, so unless these features
are needed, the old one is fine.

Posted by Damian Ivereigh 2000-06-06

Initial release

Finally got around to packaging and releasing the
code I have been using for years.

Posted by Damian Ivereigh 2000-05-24