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doug pulse

I see in the source code that certain short commands have been specified and aliased to the actual commands. It looks like it would be a complete rewrite of that module, but would it be possible to have the command line command looked up and as long as the command is not ambiguous it resolves? Here's an example:

"re" would not work because it could mean "redraw" or "rectangle". This should produce an error like "Ambiguous command given."
"rec", "rect", "recta", etc. would silently resolve to "rectangle".

This way the user can type as he thinks without regard for the length of the command (unless it's too short).

I have programming experience, but not C++. I can give a shot at a code revision, but my guess is that this is a bit above the beginner level.


  • doug pulse

    doug pulse - 2013-03-23

    I'm trying to close this request. I was not thinking in the Linux CLI paradigm. Using my example above, typing "re" + TAB will list redraw and rectangle as options. Typing "rec" + TAB resolves the command to "rectangle". I hope nobody spent time on this.

  • doug pulse

    doug pulse - 2013-03-23
    • status: open --> closed

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