#473 hatch missing


Hi I have the same problem as item 429, and have tried to hatch within a box in both windows 7 and linux with the same effect, the hatch shows up first time in the preview and from then on it is missing, just a bunch of dots. I tried clicking on the draft button, but that made no difference. On one occasion only I was able to solid fill and then view hatches after, but then they disappeared again. on no occasion have I been able to enter a hatch at any scale after the first attempt on either machine or in either operating language


  • Dongxu Li

    Dongxu Li - 2014-07-06

    can not reproduce this here.

    if you are sure it's not in draft mode.

    Several things to check:

    1, try a closed contour, for example, a single circle;
    2, try solid fill;
    3, try different hatching pattern;
    4, try different scale factors.

    If you can provide a testcase dxf with detailed steps to show this bug, it helps.

  • LordOfBikes

    LordOfBikes - 2015-10-25
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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