#365 Inconsistent snapping mode: free snap / snap on grid

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1. Start with "Snap on grid" as the only selected snap option
2. Start to draw a line by clicking.
3. Click on "Free snap". Now both icons "Free snap and "Snap on grid" are selected.
Bug: In this mode snapping works only on grid points, no free snapping is possible. A grid point should only be snapped to when the mouse cursor is within near distance from the grind point. When the mouse cursor is somewhere between the grind points free snapping should apply.

If this is to hard to implement in the moment, the selection of "Snap on grid" and "Free snap" have to be mutually exclusive because they dont work together.


  • Dongxu Li

    Dongxu Li - 2012-11-03
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  • Rallaz

    Rallaz - 2013-02-17

    My opinion:
    When only selected "Snap on grid" you can only click in grid points.
    If selected "Snap on grid" and one or more entity snap is selected, like end point you can click over a end point of a line if is over cursor, if not, in grid.
    If select "Snap Free" disable all entity snap related and maintain "Snap on grid" if is selected.

    that is, for me, "Snap on grid" and vertical/horizontal restrict are not snap and a good solution are separate it in:

    restrictToolbar => "restrict to grid" & "restrict ortogonal" (join vertical/horizontal based in cursor position) and
    snapToolbar => endpoint, center, middle,..., and Free

    In the new snapToolbar on check FreeSnap uncheck the rest and unchecking FreeSnap restore the previos state of the others snaps

    Please add your opinion

  • Rallaz

    Rallaz - 2013-02-18

    better choice,
    Rename "Snap Free" to "Restrict on Entity", resulting toolbar:
    "restrict to grid", "restrict orthogonal", "Restrict on Entity" spacer, "endpoint snap", "center snap", "middle snap", etc.

    user click one point
    1. "Restrict on Entity" is set?
    YES, goto 2
    NO, goto 3
    2. verify snaps, is there an entity that meets the selected snaps?
    YES, return the snap point
    NO, goto 3
    3. "Restrict to Grid" is set?
    YES, return the grid point
    NO, goto 4
    4. "Restrict orthogonal" is set?
    YES, return a orthogonal point from previous point
    NO, return clicked point

    This option, also, is easy to implement

    Maybe they could put a poll in the forum with the proposals to know the opinion of all users...


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