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Updated Documentation

I updated all of the documentation on the website. Should make figuring out libphidget and phidget++ a lot easier.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-12-21

Phidget++ and Examples

For all the phidgets that I recently added support for in libphidget I have also added new classes for in Phidget++. I wrote a few examples showing how to use these classes along with one script that uses one of the examples.

The coolest example links a Phidget Interface Kit with a Phidget Text LCD. Turn a digital input on in the kit and the lcd tells you which one. All in about 2 pages of code.... read more

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-12-18

More phidgets supported

Well after fixing a stupid mistake that has caused no end of trouble with my library I have added support for more phidgets in the C library.

The C library should now (at least partially) support single and quad servo phidgets, 488 interface kit (880 is in testing), and the TextLCD.

Added support for the TextLCD in the C++ library. The rest should be added soon. Waiting for a fix in the 8-way servo controller's firmware and then I should be able to add support for it also.... read more

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-12-15

Still alive . . . .

Well I'm stil alive, I've just been really busy with other stuff lately so I haven't updated anything recently. I haven't forgotten this project and I hope to add a lot of new changes soon and maybe create a new release. The current release that can be downloaded is very old and out of date, anyone interested in this project should get the head CVS revision instead.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-10-10

project is now autoconfiscated.

The header revision is now autoconfiscated thanks to Vadim Tkachenko!

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-09-09


Cleaned up libphidget (C library for phidgets) a lot, made the structures private, added useable error codes and warnings, and updated the documentation. I think it looks a lot better now, and works better.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-09-06

New phidget++ version coming soon.

I'm busy working on a new version of phidget++ that will be a lot easier for people to use. Hope to release this new version very soon.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-09-03

Added events to libphidget and phidget++

I've added event handling to libphidget and phidget++. This comes in handy mostly in phidget++ when devices are attached/detached or you might want to trigger when an input changes. I've also added in libphidget the ability gracefully handle attach/detach events so that you can open/close/read/write to a device that is detached. You will get errors, but the pointer you have to the device will be valid when it is re-attached. So you open a servo, start sending data, and when it actually get's attached it will move to the correct position.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-27

Website added to CVS

Added the entire website to CVS. Easier to maintain and now I can call "make release_docs" in libphidget and phidget++ to generate head revision documentation. Then I copy the website directory to the website and it's available for your online viewing pleasure. Much easier for me to manage now.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-26


Released alpha version of phidget++ code and documentation. This is my C++ library to control phidgets.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-25

Downloads available

Files are added to CVS and ready to download along with a downloadable PDF version of the documentation.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-24

Documentation available

I added some preliminary documentation (generated using doxygen) to the website. Hope to check in my first version of the code into CVS soon.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-24

Webpage up and running

I put together a quick version of the webpage. After I cleaned up my current version of the code. I'll check it into CVS and try to get a bit of auto-generated documenation in the code also.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-22


Please be patient, this is my first sourceforge project. Hope to have more content soon.

Posted by Jack Strohm 2002-08-21

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