#20 Add configuration data to USB capture

Git head
Jon Smirl

Attached is some clean up for libpcap support of usbmon on Linux.

It also adds code to enumerate the configurations of the devices attached to the USB bus when the capture session is first started. Without capturing the device configurations into the capture stream is it not possible to fully decode the stream data.

For example wifi adapters are all built using proprietary USB messages, to decode these messages you need to know the USB device ID of the adapter. This device id is not normally in the capture stream of the adapter. The attached code will force this data into the stream when capture is first started so that an app like Wireshark has the needed data to full decode the stream.


  • Jon Smirl

    Jon Smirl - 2007-03-25
  • Guy Harris

    Guy Harris - 2008-12-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Guy Harris

    Guy Harris - 2008-12-23

    Checked into the main and 1.0 branches, with some changes.

  • Denis Ovsienko

    Denis Ovsienko - 2013-11-20

    Administrators of the "libpcap" SourceForge project have superseded this tracker item (formerly artifact 1687870, now patch 20) with issue 216 of the "libpcap" GitHub project.


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