Papyrus 0.13.2 released

papyrus is a C++ scenegraph library based on cairo

===== 0.13.2 =====

Like most releases this one features both bugfixes and enhancements.

A bug causing segfaults in Drawable's destructor that removed a child from a parent was fixed. Drawables will no longer automatically remove themselves from parents on destruction, but this was legacy code as children have (for some time now) been owned by their parents in the scenegraph. Thus, the only way for a child to destruct is to first remove it from it's parent.

Fixing this bug allowed the base Papyrus::Object to inherit from sigc::trackable again.

The Group::clear() method has been cleaned up and improved. This should result in a fairly significant performance improvement if you have many items in a group and regularly clear it. A simple estimate would put the old version at a performance level of 3 * O(n lg(n)) + O(n) and the new version at 4 * O(n).

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2010-04-16

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