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Papyrus 0.6.1 released

This release features a working implementation of
the Grid item. A Grid is a canvas item that
inherits from Drawable, and thus can have any of
the standard affine transforms (scaling,
rotation, translation, skewing) applied to it.
It provides an API that allows for independent
line drawing styles of the X and Y axes, each
border and X and Y interval lines.

Additionally, initialization of the X11 color map has been split into four files to make
compilation easier on machines with 512MB or less.

2007-01-07 Rick L Vinyard Jr <>
===== 0.6.1 =====

Split the X11 color initializer into four files to allow building the std::map
on low
memory machines

Improved the grid example to include borders and interval lines.

Papyrus::Linestyle: Added operator == and operator !=

Papyrus::Grid: Working now... no longer just a preview

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2007-01-08

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