Like most releases this release contains a little of everything... a few new features... some new optimizations... some bug fixes.

In the new features category are the freeze()/thaw() methods added to Drawable. You can try them out in the demo which includes an example.

In coordination with the introduction of the freeze()/thaw() methods the boolean redraw parameter on all the Drawable affine transform methods has been removed. Rather than adding this parameter per function call, you can now enclose a group of function calls with a freeze/thaw pair.

In the bug fix category there are a number of items submitted by Tim Niemueller. These include a fix that prevented the Canvas from drawing it's background and several instances of invalid list iterators in Drawable's external matrices that caused segfaults.

In the area of optimizations Drawable now handles external matrix changed signals through a reference counted system rather than the older one-connection-per-added-matrix. This should improve things if a matrix is added multiple times to a drawable at the same or different levels.