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Version 0.80 beta released

Version 0.80 of nmaFPS has been released. Nothing much has changed. A spotlight has been added that helps in targetting drones. The terrain and drones look a bit smoother.
I am still looking for someone to port it to Windoze. It would be great for that to happen.

Posted by Naren 2003-03-09

Version 0.78 of nmaFPS.

This version has some improvements in terms of looks and probably game-play also. Some problems caused by using the STL vector were ironed out by switching to STL lists.

In-game menus offer more control over the game.

Posted by Naren 2003-01-07

Release of version 0.77

Version 0.77 (beta) of nmaFPS has been released. This release is mainly to implement the changes submitted by Erik Ljungstroem <>.

Posted by Naren 2002-12-04

Version 0.76 beta released.

Version 0.76 of nmaFPS has been released. The releases are still beta because there still are some major bugs to be fixed.

Major changes in this released:
* The biggest addition is the level system. There are 3 levels as of now.
* Sounds have been added for different events.
* Text messages are now displayed. This was made possible by libgltext (

Posted by Naren 2002-11-20

nmaFPS Version 0.74 beta

Version 0.74 of nmaFPS has been released. There have been significant improvements in the installation procedure. 'make install' now installs data in /usr/local/share.

Posted by Naren 2002-10-17

Release of nmaFPS 0.72 beta

This release is fully 'configure; make; make install' compliant. a few more textures have been added.
Hoping to release a windows executable soon...

Posted by Naren 2002-10-08

nmaFPS 0.7 beta version released!

This version certainly looks better beacuse I restructured the source tree and added textures.
Some bugs still roaming about and I hope to set them right by the next release...

Posted by Naren 2002-09-27

A small milestone!!

As a small milestone, this project crossed 100 downloads and a 1000 page views recently.

Thanks to all of the SF community and the users out there....

Posted by Naren 2002-09-25

nmaFPS web page up.

I have at last put up a decent web page for nmaFPS. A couple of screenshots are also available.

Posted by Naren 2002-09-15

nmaFPS beta version

nmaFPS beta version released. This is a simple 3-D First Person Shooter.

Posted by Naren 2002-09-05