I've got some working SPI code for the F2 series port I'm working on. Its on my github:


Although setting up the GPIOs and alternate functions is different on F2 the SPI peripheral should be code compatible. The one difference I can see is that you need to set the SSOE bit in SPI_CR2. This had me confused for a long while too, see the paragraph about NSS in the reference manual section 25.3.1 for an explanation.


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i got similar problems. Have you got working until now?

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>Hi guys...
>I'm in trouble with SPI1 of my cortexm3. I'm trying only to send some
>packet on the line and to view it trhrough oscilloscope.
>Can you take a look to my code? I'm going crazy.
>Thanks in advance
>P.S. Is there working example about SPI using libopenstm32? I found it
>in examples/stm32/stm32-h103/spi but is not complete.
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