libnodave with PPI-USB in VB.NET

  • Dominique Van Huffel

    Hi all,

    First off all, I really support Libnodave.  It is amazing how much companies dare to ask for a simple integration with PLCs.

    I've acquired a Siemens S7-226 for my home automation system and I want to write my own .NET application using libnodave.  I am using Visual Studio Express 2010 and Windows 7 together with an PPI USB cable to interface.

    Using the testing tools (simplePPI.exe) I do not succed in making a connection.  Some information is being showed, and suddenly I get "Program not responding anymore".  I tried to recompile, in order to compile the simpleppi.exe, but no luck (I've added the reference).  Is this related to Windows 7 or .NET4 or libnodave??

    Using the built-in tools, I get the same results :

    "C:\Temp\libnodave-\win>testppi -w com4
    Trying to read 64 bytes (32 words) from data block 1.
    This is V memory of the 200.
    Press return to continue.
    Trying to read 16 bytes from FW0.
    Press return to continue.
    Now we write back these data after incrementing the first to by 1,2 and 3 and the first two floats by 1.1.
    Press return to continue."   Followed with "testppi does not respond anymore"

    Unfortunately, I don't succeed either in making a connection towards my PLC.  Both in VB.NET and C#, it jumps over the command to establish a connection : " dc = new, plcPPI, 0, 0);".

    Can somebody help me out please? I really want to start programming ;-)

    Kind Regards,


  • Dominique Van Huffel

    Perhaps important to notice, but I did the same test on Windows XP SP3 with the same results.  Using my Microwin, I can succesfully connect over COM4.



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