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Name generation library / News: Recent posts

XMas Release

In every super market XMas starts at about October. This XMas Gift is released in January (a bit late, I know).

There are a lot of new database entries. dozens of languages. Have fun.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2007-01-22

Working on

Currently there is a GTK GUI in the CVS I am working on. It is not perfect yet, it also does not run under windows. But as soon as this is accomplished, I will try to release an alpha version.
Names are added on a weekly basis, the example page is also new.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-11-10

In the Pipe

2 weeks of holidays, 1 week of trouble. And lots of plans.
I) Midgard will get a Online RPG ... and I got into contact with the developers. I will add and finish midgard names ASAP
II) I started to write my own GUI. Before I am forced to do it (like Siegfried forced me to make a new homepage). Some things already work, some behave strange. Look into CVS for the GUI.
III) The first names got Unicoded. See midgard/rawindra midgard/waeland and midgard/chryseia.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-09-18

Windows !

A windows version is available.
Thanks to everyone who helped me test it and optimized it.

Well and a lot of other changes

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-08-07

At last: unicode and DB quality as TGZ

Download it, while it is still hot.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-06-22

DB Quality calculated

A Patch I wrote calculates the quality of each DataBase.
The total amount of possible male/female names is calulated and the result is put into a category.

And the winner is:

midgard/eschar (it has a rule file with a lot of options, that improves it a lot).

I will add a db-quality-page soon.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-06-22

Unicode and Links

addiional Unicode names work now. And every name can have a link to a page describing the name attached to it.
This version is in cvs now. Please test it, I will make a Tar version as soon as it is tested.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-05-29

Indian names by Sharath Kumar

I used the data sent by Sharath Kumar to create indian names. They can be viewed in the example section of the homepage.
They are not checked by Sharath yet, so don't rely on them. But they already sound the ears of a german :-)

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-05-19

New file release uploaded

The tgz file has been updated, all countries new are included.
Have fun.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-03-21

Suisse names released

I finished adging names from my suisse phonebook. Looks good, have fun

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-03-20

Suisse phone book

Juergen, a friend of mine, gave me one of his phone books. Suioss names will be here in a few days.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-03-06

Japan improved

Sven helped me to improve japanese names by watching
a lot of japanese movies and writing down names.
Thanks, Sven

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-03-06

China and Japan added

Basic versions for China and Japan were added.
I hope for a name-update very soon, afterwards the midgard kanthaipan-db will be increased by chinese and japanese names.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-02-20

Old Catalan and KanThaiPan for Midgard

Midgard/KanThaiPan started. And created 1920/Catalan with old Catalan names.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-02-13

Erainn, Sweden and readme

I renamed Erainn and added a few names
Sweden is new
And I rewrote major parts ot the readme

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-02-07

Mentioning CVS

....there is a CVS now !

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-01-23

Testing Aran

I am testing Midgard/Aran on the example-page.
It is not done yet. If you really need it, check the CVS.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-01-23

Moravod added

More Catalan names, Moravod added. Moravod seems to be OK (The midgard-forum members say so)

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-01-18

Eschar, Ta-Meket, Alba, Errain

All those Midgard countries got names now !

I want to finish the Midgard countries first, 30% done, I'd say.

Pending: I got a list of Catalan names, these will be added soon.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2006-01-12

More russian names

Together with Alex I added some russian names.
They are useable now.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-11-24

Homepage with examples

There are examples on the homepage, 200 for every language. Ready to use

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-11-24

More names now

I'am sorry. I will move to a better appartment in dezember and have already a lot of things to do. Here are at least new countries/names for you

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-11-21

Homepage Created

I created something lik a homepage...
At least it is a start.

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-10-18

Catalan added

Catalan names started, collected by
Siegfried Gevatter

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-10-11

Bugs fixed

\n were a problem after porting it to glibc. Also Windows generated databases. But this is fixed now

Posted by Thorsten Sick 2005-10-11