#2 mwaw2csv incompatible with help2man


[ 550s] + help2man mwaw2csv
[ 550s] help2man: can't get `--help' info from mwaw2csv


  • David Tardon

    David Tardon - 2014-02-07

    Just use

    help2man --help-option=-h mwaw2csv

    . Anyway, the tool is so simple it hardly needs any man page.

  • David Tardon

    David Tardon - 2014-02-07
    • status: open --> wont-fix
  • Christopher Yeleighton

    html2man is exactly for simple tools that hardly need any man page.
    Your workaround gives a wrong result though:

    .\" DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE!  It was generated by help2man 1.43.3.
    .TH USAGE: "1" "February 2014" "Usage: mwaw2csv [OPTION][-o file.csv] <AppleWorks/ClarisWorks Database/Spreadsheet>" "User Commands"
    .SH NAME
    Usage: \- manual page for Usage: mwaw2csv [OPTION][-o file.csv] <AppleWorks/ClarisWorks Database/Spreadsheet>
    • David Tardon

      David Tardon - 2014-02-07

      So something on the first line does not fit the pattern help2man uses. That is hardly our fault.

      Btw, using --help-option is not a workaround. To cover cases other than the most common (or simple) one is the reason tools do have options. And plain "help2man mwaw2csv" actually works too (help2man 1.43.3).

  • alonso laurent

    alonso laurent - 2014-02-07

    I just downloaded help2man and do some tests, you need also to define the version string. I.e.

    help2man --help-option=-h --version-string=0.1.9 mwaw2csv

    will probably give much better result...



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