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libmng / News: Recent posts

libmng-2.0.2 released

libmng-2.0.2 has been released. This was a fork of version 1.0.10 maintained by
Winfried Szukalski (szukw000 at It contains improved CMake support,
support for lcms2 and support for libjpeg version 9. For now it is only in the
FRS system and not CVS.

Posted by Glenn Randers-Pehrson 2013-08-14

libmng-1.0.10 released

Libmng-1.0.10 has been released. It is mostly small bugfixes.

Posted by Glenn Randers-Pehrson 2007-07-24

libmng 1.0.9 released

This contains a re-written chunk-decoder/-encoder reportedly saving some 20+ KB off the binary footprint. Also includes a couple bug-fixes and several patches.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2005-01-31

libmng 1.0.8 released

This contains the spcial data-pushing mechanisms for Mozilla and OGG, and a few other bits.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2004-08-08

libmng 1.0.6 (final) released

No feedback since beta1, so here it is

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2003-10-19

libmng 1.0.6 beta1 released

This is a maintenance-release to please the Mozilla crew with a leaner, meaner libmng.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2003-09-14

libmng 1.0.5 (final) released

This is the long-awaited major update of the MNG library. The MNG specification is now covered to near 100% and as an added bonus this release includes the new 'dynamic MNG' feature, that allows for easy roll-over (hover/click; w or w/o mask) effects with a minimum of fuss. libmng is the reference library for reading, displaying, writing and examining Multiple-Image Network Graphics. MNG is the animation extension to the popular PNG image-format.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2003-03-04

libmng 1.0.5 rc3 released

Third release-candidate for the upcoming 1.0.5 version.

Minor bug-fixes and finalizing the accepted proposal (by official vote) for the TERM/frame_delay changes on mng-list (nov-dec/2002).

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2003-01-20

libmng 1.0.5 rc2 released

Second release-candidate for the upcoming 1.0.5 version.

This contains fixes for a few minor details reported by the loyal testers.
It fixes some issues with the goframe/golayer/gotime processing and related stuff. And it adds a way to disable playback-caching from within the MNG, which is very useful for streaming-MNG encoders (such as gserver!).

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-12-09

libmng-1.0.5-rc1 released

First release-candidate for the upcoming 1.0.5 version.
This fixes a few small problems and brings the TERM/MEND processing, with respect to interframe_delay as per the current discussion on MNG-list, up-to-date with the latest proposal.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-11-01

libmng 1.0.5 beta3 release

Fairly quick release after beta2, which introduced a couple of booboo's with the new TERM condition=2 code.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-10-15

libmng 1.0.5 beta2 release

Second beta for next 1.0.5 release. This addresses some minor problems detected during testing of 1.0.5b1. It adds the proposed change to the MNG spec as discussed on the "mng-list" recently; eg. Adam Costello's option 4. And it adds a little function to check at run-time if the lib is a beta or not.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-10-09

libmng 1.0.5 beta1 release

First beta of a large maintenance release. This completes support of the MNG specification to nearly 100% (PAST, PROM, delta-images, BACK image+tile). It adds "dynamic" MNG and a few other neat routines as well as fixes several bugs reported through SourceForge or to me directly.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-09-24

libmng 1.0.4 maintenance release

After a well-deserved rest, here's a new release of libmng. It's basically a couple of tiny bug-fixes, and the standard Windoze DLL is now compiled with zlib 1.1.4 and lcms 1.0.8

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2002-06-23

libmng 1.0.3 maintenance release

Another maintenance release.
It contains some cosmetic changes, restructured samples/contrib directories, updated samples, a new fbcon MNG player, mingw32 makefile and some other tidbits.

Please note that Y.T. is pretty much absent for the upcoming 8 months or so, so development and support will be slow.


Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-09-18

libmng 1.0.2 maintenance release

New options to optimize memory-usage for long MNG video-stream playback
New option to turn off progressive display of large images (when they are local)
Several minor bug-fixes

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-07-07

libmng 1.0.1 maintenance release

Several small fixes including some memory-leaks
Exporting JPEG functions from standard Windows DLL
MNG_FULL_CMS with lcms now defaults to sRGB-compliant system (no additional action needed)

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-05-02

libmng 1.0.0 (finally!)

And there we have it. Libmng has matured into it's first public release. 10 months since the start! 1.0.0 is basically the 0.9.5 version (never to be released) that was in CVS the last two weeks. There were virtually no changes over the last 0.9.4 beta. Just a few fixes for compiler warnings and only a couple of other tiny tid-bits.

And Yes, there are still blanks to be filled. That's something I can't avoid on a project this size. But the current core will handle all of the MNG/JNG/PNG files I have available to me (and that's a lot!!) . It is compliant with the latest and greatest MNG 1.0 specification, and handles about 90-95% of it (100% for JNG). Which is way more than any other software ever written for MNG.... read more

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-02-08

libmng 0.9.4 released

Now that the MNG specification is at 1.0, it's about time libmng got there too. So this is just (hopefully) the last beta in the 0.9.x series, and a serious release candidate for libmng 1.0!

It contains a few minor changes in the MAGN and filter_method 64 code, a few bug-fixes and some excellent new contributions.

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-01-19

libmng 0.9.3 released

Finally another release. Changes in the MNG spec have resulted in quite a bit of new code. But rest assured it has already been through some rigorous testing, as a new number of implementations are on their way. Consider this another release candidate. Libmng 1.0.0 shouldn't be far away... (hurah!!!)

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2000-11-03

libmng 0.9.2 released

This is the third and possibly last beta release.

This release fixes a few bugs introduced in 0.9.1. It also adds the autoconf/automake/libtool contribution by Albert Shin-A-Young. *nix folks should be quite pleased with this. There's a special README.autoconf, so please read it before proceeding!

The core source-files have been prefixed with "libmng_" as opposed to "mng_" to minimize name-space impact and to be more in line with the "libmng.h" header-file used by applications. Since "libmng.h" should be the only file referenced this change is fully backwards compatible.... read more

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2000-08-07

libmng 0.9.1 (second beta) released

This is the second beta release.

Given the enormous amount of bug-reports (not ;-), this will most likely be one of the last betas. If things remain upright, the first public release (1.0.0) is fairly eminent in the weeks to come...

  • added SDL mng player by Ralph Giles to contributions
  • fixed timing and added internal buffering for I/O-suspension scenarios
  • added get routines for internal display-state variables (frame/layer/playtime)
  • changed read-processing for improved I/O-suspension (internal buffering)
  • fixed several problems with create- & write-support
  • added a load of documentation
  • lots of small stuff... read more
Posted by Gerard Juyn 2000-07-27

libmng 0.9.0 (first BETA) released

Friday june 30th 2000:

The first BETA sees the light. libmng 0.9.0 is now available. It's the latest & greatest. Full JNG support & very extensive MNG support. Already part of a browser-plugin for Win32 platforms, integrated in the Mozilla CVS tree, and soon in the Qt GUI development toolkit.

MNG is kicking some GIF-butt. And libmng is the tool to do it with. It has been reported to work on 64-bit platforms, Linux, Solaris, MacOS & Windows. ANSI-C compatible and simple to integrate. Some implementers had it up and running in a day or two!... read more

Posted by Gerard Juyn 2000-06-30