libmng 1.0.0 (finally!)

And there we have it. Libmng has matured into it's first public release. 10 months since the start! 1.0.0 is basically the 0.9.5 version (never to be released) that was in CVS the last two weeks. There were virtually no changes over the last 0.9.4 beta. Just a few fixes for compiler warnings and only a couple of other tiny tid-bits.

And Yes, there are still blanks to be filled. That's something I can't avoid on a project this size. But the current core will handle all of the MNG/JNG/PNG files I have available to me (and that's a lot!!) . It is compliant with the latest and greatest MNG 1.0 specification, and handles about 90-95% of it (100% for JNG). Which is way more than any other software ever written for MNG.

It'll compile on just about any platform, and was adopted in some high-profile apps and other projects. If you're serious about giving the LZW patent a boot, than this is the second stage. PNG took care of the still images. MNG will take care of the animations.

Please enjoy libmng, as I enjoyed building it!


Posted by Gerard Juyn 2001-02-08

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