Some of us PETSc developers are wondering if you can state (at least on the website, post-release) that this works with petsc-3.3 (which we plan to release in about a week with no further API changes).

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 14:24, Roy Stogner <> wrote:

Now available in gzip and xzip tarballs at

Changes include:
  * Templated FunctionBase and subclass functors
  * Functor-based versions of more system APIs
  * Integrated function parser based functor
  * PetscMatrix now responds to -mat_type
  * Elem::close_to_point() method for contact problems
  * Heterogenous constraint equation support
  * Dirichlet constraint equation support
  * More methods are ParallelMesh-compatible
  * Mesh extrusion generation
  * UniformRefinement error estimates for more adjoint options
  * Element truth table written in ExodusII output
  * GetPot detection of overridden variables
  * Reorganized examples by category
  * C++11 compatibility fixes
  * Many assorted bug fixes

Please give it a try with your own codes and report any problems; we
hope to release a 0.7.3 final shortly.

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