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On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 1:59 PM, John Peterson <jwpeterson@gmail.com> wrote:

So Roy and I have been discussing deleting the release branches (v0.8.0, v0.9.1, etc) and keeping just the tags around.

If you ever want to check out an old release, you always do e.g. 'git co v0.9.0' where "v0.9.0" is the name of a tag.

There are a couple of reasons for doing this.  One is that the output of 'git br -av' doesn't scale particularly well in the number of remote branches, another is that it lets the branches represent places where work is currently in progress and/or some action is currently required, rather than acting as labels for specific commits, which is really what tags are.

Roy and I have also worked out a (possible, don't know if it's the best) way of backporting hotfixes onto old tags: basically you co the tag, create a temporary branch, commit the hotfix, tag it, delete the temporary local branch, and then push the tags to master.

git co v0.9.2.2 (say v0.9.2.2 is an existing tag name)
git br v0.9.2.3
(commit hotfix)
git tag -a v0.9.2.3 -m 'Hotfix for v0.9.2.2'
git br -D v0.9.2.3
git push --tags origin master

I plan to go ahead with this in the next couple of days or so, just wanted to give everyone a chance to comment first.


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