Will commit on Friday if I don't hear from anyone. Thanks.

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Paul T. Bauman <ptbauman@gmail.com> wrote:
FEMSystem users,

I've attached a patch that fixes a problem when numerical Jacobians are forced on the user side and verify_analytic_jacobians = 0.0. In particular, elem_jacobian got zeroed without the stored residual getting added back in during the side loop. A private review by Roy also picked up the case for when element Jacobians are computed, but side Jacobians are not. This patch should fix both cases. I also updated the adjoint examples to test this. In particular, I set verify_analytic_jacobians = 0.0 and analytic_jacobians = false in adjoints_ex1 and then enabled verify_analtyic_jacobians in adjoints_ex2 to still exercise that capability. However, none of the examples currently exercise the case where element Jacobians are analytically computed while the side Jacobians are not.

Feedback before committing?