On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:25 AM, Paul T. Bauman <ptbauman@gmail.com> wrote:
libMesh miscellaneous_ex6 outright fails with an ugly stack trace that goes all the way to a linker function. I have also not been able to get TBB to work with libMesh successfully (segfaults) on my laptop (works fine on Linux workstation). However, every other code I compile and use has run just fine, in parallel, etc including Fortran codes. However, I'm still nervous because I haven't been able to sort out the above couple of issues. 

Thought I'd follow up here. I've been working in libMesh trunk for awhile, so I hadn't tried out the branch on my laptop for some time. I did last night and these issues go away there (but they are still there in trunk). In particular, all examples run correctly and I can run everything (including my applications) with TBB on my Mac using built compilers etc. I don't have time to dig right now for what the difference is, but I thought I'd at least pass this along. (If I had to guess, the difference is either 1. libtool is stripping out some link flags that were causing the problem or 2. libtool is doing something different in how it links together the contributed libraries with the libMesh sources or 3. Something else).