On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Roy Stogner <roystgnr@ices.utexas.edu> wrote:

On Thu, 2 Aug 2012, Paul T. Bauman wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 10:20 PM, Roy Stogner <roystgnr@ices.utexas.edu>
> wrote:
> > We ought to also clearly document what happens with dimension
> > mismatch: if a 2D Nedelec element is used while LIBMESH_DIM==3, should
> > the corresponding FunctionBase entries be
> > previous_variable,u,v,next_variable or should they be
> > previous_variable,u,v,w=0,next_variable?
> Just to triple check: we currently tie the number of components to the
> mesh_dimension() - this will return 2 for two-dimensional elements in 3
> spatial dimensions, correct?


At least for now.  Eventually we'd like to support meshes with mixed
element dimensionality, in which case a mixed 2D/3D mesh would have
mesh_dimension()==3... no clue what we'd do here in that scenario,

We're currently struggling with this issue as well.  We are now running a bunch of mixed dimension problems and the idea of dimension is difficult now, it very much depends on the context.  We'll keep you posted as we think of new ideas :)



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