On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 7:00 AM, Kirk, Benjamin (JSC-EG311) <benjamin.kirk-1@nasa.gov> wrote:
Now I'm not going to defend this as a solution. There was a fair amount of discussion recently about checking in generated files at all, and for now we are.

Right, this was mostly my fault.  I still like having them checked in (with the in-tree build stuff working people can do a "checkout ./configure make"  (and optionally "make install") ) without doing anything else or having to rely on autotools at all.  That said, I do agree with having an issue with tons of diffs.  Like Ben says, just make sure you use the autotools that libMesh builds and it keeps down the number of diffs.
And I have enjoyed them being there recently when git cloned onto an sgi ice with a crusty automake.

Right, this is what I was worried about.  We have an old SGI Ice machine hanging around ourselves with fairly old everything.