Seems like there is no perfect choice here.  We're trying to look at all of this as part of open sourcing MOOSE as well.  Right now I'm leaning towards hosting our own Trac site on INL hardware for MOOSE.  It is certainly possible to host a Trac site at INL for libMesh as well.  This would be along the lines of the way PETSc and Trilinos are hosted at Argonne and SNL respectively.

I've been looking at this stuff basically continuously for the last couple of days.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

1.  I think that if you're moving away from SourceForge (and you don't want to host at INL) you should go to GitHub.  It's where all the action is these days (even the Linux Kernel main repo is there!) and provides a TON of collaborative opportunities.

2.  For testing with GitHub there are a couple of options:

a)  This is a free CI service for open-source projects.  It integrates with GitHub and tests are run on their hardware.  Not sure how scalable it is.

b) Atlassian.  It's not clear whether you can run your own build slaves with Bamboo OnDemand (like on our own hardware) or whether you have to use Amazon EC2.  Like Ben says it is supposed to be somewhat free for open source projects.  It integrates with GitHub.

c) Host your own Trac site that integrates with GitHub and use Bitten.  Not sure where the hosting would be (if you don't want it at INL).

d) Host some other CI webpage (like Buildbot, Jenkins, Hudson, etc).

I don't necessarily like (c) or (d) all that much because it's kind of redundant with GitHub.  If you're going to have your own server somewhere running a Forge like website... then you might as well just host the repo there too.

3. Continue to use Sourceforge and run Trac with Bitten.  We could at least try this and see what's involved and how well it works.... it's free to try...

4. Set up our own hosting somewhere.  I was using Bluehost ( ) for my own personal blogging website for a while.  It's cheap and reliable.  We could certainly set up Trac / whatever else there and manage everything ourselves.  Someone will have to pony up a bit of cash... but it probably wouldn't be much.

It really is too bad that Sourceforge, GitHub, BitBucket and the rest don't offer any kind of Bitten like service.  We don't need them to run the tests for us... we just want to display the results there and allow us to manage the build "recipes".


On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Paul T. Bauman <> wrote:
On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Roy Stogner <> wrote:

I should point out that PECOS is happy to host Redmine support for
libMesh.  I'm not sure how fine-grained the permissions control is,
though, and that might be a problem for something that we want to use
for public issues submissions.

My experience thus far is that Redmine is very fine-grained for permission control. One particularly nice feature is that it's very easy to create subprojects that only a subset of people can see vs. everyone else. That said, I'm not sure how good an option this is mainly because that support will be tied to funding that PECOS gets. So if the money dries up, so does the support and then everything would need to be moved again. Granted this problem goes for just about any hosting site, but at least there's some precedence for some that have been around a long time.

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