Hmmm... There was a discussion all the way back in 2008 where I was wanting to get better error messages out of libMesh... and Roy shot me down ;-)

Instead of specialized assert functions like this (have you been spending too much time with cpp_unit?? ;-) why not just make libmesh_assert() take a string that gets printed if the assert is false.  This is what we do in MOOSE... for errors, asserts and warnings and it works great.

Here are our current error / assert / warning functions for reference:

#define mooseError(msg) do { std::cerr << "\n\n" << msg << "\n\n"; print_trace(); exit(1); } while(0)
#define mooseError(msg) do { std::cerr << "\n\n" << msg << "\n\n"; print_trace(); libmesh_error(); } while(0)

#ifdef NDEBUG
#define mooseAssert(asserted, msg)
#define mooseAssert(asserted, msg)  do { if (!(asserted)) { std::cerr << "\n\nAssertion `" #asserted "' failed\n" << msg << "\nat " << __FILE__ << ", line " << __LINE__ << std::endl; print_trace(); libmesh_error(); } } while(0)

#define mooseWarning(msg) do { std::cerr << "\n\n*** Warning ***\n" << msg << "\nat " << __FILE__ << ", line " << __LINE__ << "\n" << std::endl; } while(0)

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Roy Stogner <> wrote:

On Fri, 18 May 2012, Roy Stogner wrote:

> Would it make sense to have a few variant macros for common assertion
> cases, so that when those (debug+devel-mode) assertions get tripped we
> can immediately print more information about the failure?
> E.g. whereas
>  libmesh_assert(a < b);
> fails with an error message like
>  Assertion `a < b' failed
> the variant
>  libmesh_assert_less(a,b);
> could fail with an error message like
>  Assertion `a < b' failed: `a' = 3, `b' = 2

This is now done, but needless to say the diff which actually converts
assertions to use the more detailed macros is huge.

I'm posting it to
for now; hopefully it can get some wider testing before going into
trunk, especially considering it's about 10% hand-edited and 90%

This may also be the last straw for me to create a "testing" branch.

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