On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 11:23 PM, Roy Stogner <roystgnr@ices.utexas.edu> wrote:
Sorry!  You described your stuff as additional files, and moving Ben's
related files, and I didn't think the files I've been editing would

No problem... I don't know why rebase is messing up.  It's recommitting a huge history of commits on top of your patch... I can only guess that in some weird way Git thinks that's the path of least resistance because of all of the changes ;-)

No biggie though.  I squashed my patches into one and then cherry-picked it over on top of your patch and only had one small conflict ;-)

I switched my stuff over to using dof_id_type where appropriate... and I'm going to throw out a Merge Request for you guys to comment on.

My stuff isn't finished: I haven't created the Factory method or alternative SolutionTransfer objects yet... and I need to reconcile Ben's MeshlessInterpolation interface with mine (mine is obviously way too simple, so I'm going to incorporate some of Ben's stuff and put them under the same interface).

But... it's good enough to go into Master now.


There's some more commits coming too, but nothing on that scale.