Sure...  The constraints are applied to an *element* residual vector or Jacobian matrix much in the same way they are applied for the linear case in ex10.  So, if you assemble the residual and Jacobian element-by-element you simply need to call dof_map.constrain_element_matrix(...) and dof_map.constrain_element_vector(...) before inserting them into the global residual/Jacobian.
As I mentioned, the other missing piece is the ability to take an arbitrary global vector and extract the element solution vector from it, accounting for constraints.  I'll implement that shortly and check it it.
I've got a modified version of example 13 which illustrates the use of the nonlinear solver, but it does not address adaptivity.  I'm leaning instead to creating a new example altogether...
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Thank you for the answer!
Could you, please, tell more details on how to apply these constraints to the Jacobian matrix and to the  residual vector.


I plan to add such a method to the DofMap after 0.5.0 is released (which should be tonight).  The interface is something like this:
DofMap::build_elem_solution (global_solution, dof_indices, local_solution);
For non-constrained Dofs this will simply set
local_solution[i] = global_solution[dof_indices[i]]
And for constrained Dofs the constraint matrix will be built and applied to the solution vector.
Thanks for your patience...
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Dear Libmesh developers,
I solve nonlinear equation systems using the NonlinearImplicitSystem class .
I'd like to use the adapative mesh refinement for the nonlinear system.
Does libmesh have a tool that can handle the hanging nodes problem for a nonlinear system?
Thank you,
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