On Mar 11, 2010, at 2:30 PM, Roy Stogner wrote:

You and Ben have the most experience with all the various file
formats, I believe, so if you both agree on something then let's
switch to it.  If you disagree, I suggest some sort of steel cage
match to break the tie.

I do believe I would lose that! ;-)

Does paraview handle Nemesis?  I know they do parallel reads with pvtk
files; that was what was at the back of my mind when suggesting VTK.

Nemesis files are just broken up Exodus files.  So... yes.

I can see both arguments here... but I'm still voting for Exodus.  The other reason: it's a format that's currently used by at least two libMesh developers: Cody and Myself ;-)

Also... how are sidesets / nodesets handled in VTK?  Do we currently output them?  Can you see them in Paraview or Ensight?  Because we can with Exodus.

Roy, John, Ben... what do you guys usually use?