Dave... just wanted to let you know that the work on SCALARs is really appreciated!  We're using it here to solve some constraint equations simultaneously with our non-linear equations and it's working great!

Being able to do parallel with SCALARs would be a really nice addition...


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 4:39 PM, David Knezevic <dknez@mit.edu> wrote:
I had a look at getting SCALAR variables working with n_processors() > 1. The attached patches for dof_map take care of things, but I wanted to run them by the list before checking in since 0.6.4 is just around the corner.

The change I made is to increment next_free_dof appropriately for SCALARs in distribute_local_dofs_*_major, so that now _n_dfs includes the SCALAR dofs.

I think the only thing still not working for SCALARs is project_vector. In principle that should be easy; we just copy the SCALAR values directly from old_vec to new_vec --- if one of the project_vector gurus could point me to the right place to look at that, that'd be great.

- Dave