I'm working on writing sideset info back out into the Exodus file  (right now the sideset information is completely lost) and I wanted some opinions.

There are currently face_maps at the top of exodusII_io_helper.C... but unfortunately these are geared for _reading_ sidesets and as such take an Exodus side number and turn it into a libMesh one.

Do you guys see any way around me needing to essentially provide the inverse maps of these face maps?

I was able to get around this when writing out elements and nodes because they were _all_ going to get written out anyway... but for sides you really need to look up just one ID.

Without providing the inverse maps the only thing I can think to do is loop over the face maps that are there until you find the position holding the ID you are looking for... and that will be the Exodus side id.... but that is just terrible.