Hey guys,

So I was trying to make a copy of my mesh object (because I was going to smooth the copy first then move nodes and project the solution later)... in doing so I was going to use the copy constructor for mesh like so:

Mesh smoothed_mesh(mesh);

The problem is that when smoothed_mesh goes out of focus it appears to delete things inside of the original mesh!  Digging into the copy constructor it appears that we just copy over node and element pointers... instead of actually making copies of the nodes/elements.  Is this actually what we want?  When do you want a copy of a mesh that is actually a mesh reference?  Shouldn't the copy constructor do a "real" or "deep" copy (ie recreate all nodes and elements)?  When I use a copy constructor I expect to be able to do what I like with the copy and not impact the copied object in the slightest... otherwise what was the point?

Or am I just off-base?