So long as they mean the same thing I suppose we could

#ifndef HAVE_MPI
#define HAVE_MPI

A question, though...  I have not seen this, and I see you are including from the trilinos source directory.  Do you see this if you 'make install' and include from the install dir?


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I'm working on the Trilinos integration and I've hit a bit of a snag.  
It appears as though Trilinos uses a lot of the same #define's that we 
do... so when I'm compiling against it I get a bunch of:

AztecOO_config.h:116:1: warning: "HAVE_MPI" redefined
In file included from /Users/gastdr/projects/libmesh_trilinos/include/
                  from /Users/gastdr/projects/libmesh_trilinos/include/
                  from /Users/gastdr/projects/libmesh_trilinos/include/
                  from /Users/gastdr/projects/libmesh_trilinos/include/
                  from /Users/gastdr/projects/libmesh_trilinos/include/
                  from src/numerics/trilinos_aztec_linear_solver.C:31:
109:1: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

These are just warnings.... and as long as both of our "configures" 
find the same stuff the #defines should be pretty much the same.  But 
what _should_ we do about it?  For now, I've just been ignoring them 
and everything is working well... but for the long term I'd like to 
eliminate these warnings, especially because they happen even in 
optimized mode.

I guess we could change the names of ours to something like 


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