Ha!  Thanks!

I think you'll find that tons of stuff is wrong / incomplete with the Trilinos support.  I did a lot of that initial wok years ago... and it hasn't been used much since then.

Please let us know about anything you find like this and I'll merge it back into trunk.


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On Feb 21, 2011, at 5:27 PM, Ming Q <micavn@gmail.com> wrote:


I don't know it is a bug or not. But in my computer the SumIntoGlobalValues function took the default COLUMN_MAJOR value for the the last parameter.

Therefore line 317 in file trilinos_epetra_matrix.C:

00317   _mat->SumIntoGlobalValues(m, (int *)&rows[0], n, (int *)&cols[0], &dm.get_values()[0]);

should be

00317   _mat->SumIntoGlobalValues(m, (int *)&rows[0], n, (int *)&cols[0], &dm.get_values()[0], Epetra_FECrsMatrix::ROW_MAJOR);
Have a nice day,
/ Ming Q.
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