This sounds very cool. I haven't needed XFEM before personally, but I can imagine using it in the near future, e.g. for dealing properly with crack tips.

Regarding (2): Are you thinking of adding a libMesh example that implements transport of a signed distance function using DG? Or are you thinking about adding core functionality related to this, e.g. a new System subclass for handling this? (IIRC it's not just standard advection problem in this context, since you need to renormalize after every time-step to ensure it remains a distance function?)


On 03/23/2013 05:19 PM, Kirk, Benjamin (JSC-EG311) wrote:
Anyone out there doing anything with the extended finite element method?

I'm thinking adding core support in the DofMap and FiniteElement classes might be a very useful thing, but curious if anyone had done any work in his direction.

Providing (1) a mechanism for enriching our current finite element bases and (2) a reference level-set discretization in the library for the hyperbolic transport of a signed distance function (probably using DG) could be a very valuable and reusable functionality, I think...


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