I didn't expect it to become a career, but I was always a fan of Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, quirky British children's animation, as well as the more 'art-house' stuff I saw while at college. Roy literally combined the Company's past with its future when he revived one of his uncle's most colorful visions of all time.
I got to wish my daughter a happy birthday live on TV.
Otherwise, I was also in a couple of student movies,which involved walking through a scene and looking menacing or befuddled,depending on the director.
How do you balance these two concepts: genre filmmaking and intelligent, high concept films? How about as an adult? Instead, it is Yuanjia himself, through is arrogance and self importance, who emerges as the film's antagonist, doing more damage to himself than any enemy ever could. What's your key to succeeding where so many fail?
Half of my family was full blood English and the other half was Irish.
A gown of diamonds glittered blue promises like snowflakes sprinkle the ground was a miracle only given by royal command. When I started working on the movie I knew I would never meet anybody like him again. Number one, he had so many and number two, I didn't think either of us were capable of good parenting.
When you think about it, it is a truly bizarre process and much different from other cultures.
BC: Wes would call him a bond company stooge. And she's incredibly talented, but she's doing it very deceptively.
In terms of the style of working with them, you have to get out of their way and let them be themselves, trust what comes completely natural to them.
Our commonality comes in because my family was also fucking crazy. Continue to Projection Booth: Can Box-Office Champ Tyler Perry Top 'Ghost Rider'? What has drawn you to this genre and what's the source of inspiration you tap into inorder to tell this emotionally complex and often dark stories? Also, I'm very proud of the success of Creature Comforts.
I went to the Beatification of Mother Theresa, which was beautiful.
and sent me the script and I just really wanted to work with them. Here's what Gunnar had to say about his work on an undisputed horror classic and a few other projects. Now, ask me how Wes would describe him. Why the focus on more unfortunate characters? We understand each other's processes as well, we like the same kind of movies, and we both prefer tough, dark stories.
Look, you're reading the stories here to experience the man as well as his worlds, and to that end what do you want?
DVD Talk: Which of your films do you feel the most proud of and why is it that you choose that one?
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