Please note that you must have a recent version of petsc (2.3.x) that is
compiled with HYPRE support.  Earlier versions of petsc do not make room
for HYPRE use.

On 2/22/07, Roy Stogner <> wrote:
On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Travis Austin wrote:

> I've tested my patch by doing a 'make run_examples' using
> petsc-2.1.6 and petsc-2.2.0.  All of the examples run fine and
> everything seems to be OK.  The more recent petsc that I have tested
> against was petsc-2.3.2-p6.
> I used default compilation in terms of OPT or DBG.  Are there other
> tests to run?

The test coverage we get with "make run_examples" is abysmal, but
it would have caught any obvious errors with those PETSc versions,
and I haven't noticed any subtle errors with petsc-2.3.1.  I'll commit
your patch (with a slight assert() reordering John suggested) to CVS
tonight; I don't think it'll break anyone else's code either.

For those who want to experiment with algebraic multigrid, try the
latest CVS.  The options "-pc_type hypre -pc_hypre_type boomeramg"
seem to be a good start.