Hi All,

I used Apple gcc 4 and g95 from http://g95.sourceforge.net/, MPICH, Petsc and Slepc were compiled just fine. Got an error in the last linking step of libmesh as following. Wierd thing is that the directory /Users/FrontOffice/dxu/libmesh/contrib/petsc- 2.3.1-p15/lib/macx is just there with all the Petsc libs in there. I don't why libmesh said the dir doesn't exist?

----- Done Building Contributed Packages -----
Linking /Users/FrontOffice/dxu/libmesh/lib/i686-apple-darwin8.5.3_opt/libmesh.dylib
ld: warning -L: directory name (-L/Users/FrontOffice/dxu/libmesh/contrib/petsc-2.3.1-p15 /lib/macx) does not exist
ld: Undefined symbols:
/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
make: *** [/Users/FrontOffice/dxu/libmesh/lib/i686-apple-darwin8.5.3_opt/libmesh.dylib] Error 1