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New Release

0.1.1 is out, see changelog for details of new features

Posted by Loz 2003-01-27

Feature Requests

The first realease seems to have been downloaded by a few people. I'd love some feedback from some of you guys. Especially, I'd love to hear of people's requests for features, which can be added to the next few milestones or whatever.

So, if you like it, or even if you dont, stick it into the forum, or message after this news post, and we'll see if we can make it better.


Posted by Loz 2002-07-29


Project website has been finaly done. Still need to put up some screenshots, but it's up there none the less.


Posted by Loz 2002-07-05

First Release

The project in it's current state has been released. It works fine, but it would be cool if some people could compile it and use the two test programs, and any subsequent tests I add.


Posted by Loz 2002-07-05