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The First Beta...

The first beta release of libjirc is out. Please check the release notes at If you're using deprecated classes, you will definitely have to refactor some code.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but it is after pre-release code. I'm hoping to 1.0 out by the end of August.

Posted by Bradley M. Handy 2003-07-26

New API in CVS...

The new LibJIRC API is currently in CVS. This a complete rewrite. A LOT of the old classes have been deprecated, so check the javadocs. If any old classes, or interfaces, were kept, they now use the new functionality.

All of the deprecated classes will be removed from CVS, and will not be in the distribution, when 1.0 comes out in early August.

Posted by Bradley M. Handy 2003-07-04

API changing (maybe...)

As I learn new things on how to code classes and design things, I re-evaluate the current design of libjirc. Since, the library is still in "alpha" I feel comfortable implementing API changes.

So, to prepare you, there may be API changes which will require a re-examination of your code based on libjirc. Be prepared.

Posted by Bradley M. Handy 2003-05-04

Development still continuing...

Development on LibJIRC is still continuing, however, it has slowed to a crawl due to ... life. I have been busy the past few weeks, and haven't had much chance to work on the project.

One thing that would be helpful, is for current users to report any bugs in the code. No one is good enough to write bug-free code on the first pass, so I am rather concerned about the lack of bug reports.

Posted by Bradley M. Handy 2003-04-15

Projects Using LibJIRC

If you've downloaded libjirc to use in a project, shoot me an e-mail letting me know what you project is and how libjirc is helping code your application. I'm working on the libjirc website and I would like to put in a section detailing projects using the library.

Please send all e-mails to

Posted by Bradley M. Handy 2003-03-23